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Ear Wax Removal Manchester

Same day ear wax removal from £45

At Didsbury Hearing, we believe there are safer ways to get rid of ear wax than invasive syringing and water flushing. Along with a full range of hearing tests and hearing aid products, we also offer innovative microsuction treatments to effectively get rid of stubborn blockages.


Are you having trouble hearing, dealing with explained tinnitus, or suffering from constant earache? 


Get in touch with the team at Didsbury Hearing to talk about ear wax removal in Manchester today.

Understanding Ear Wax and Its Complications


Ear wax, or cerumen as it’s more formally known, is produced naturally by your sebaceous glands. There’s nothing wrong with a little ear wax.


In fact, it’s a vital part of your body’s immune system, protecting the delicate tissues of the ear canal against harmful bacteria.


Ear wax build up is another matter entirely, and, left unchecked, can put your hearing health at risk.


There are many different symptoms associated with ear wax blockage, and you might find yourself experiencing any one or a number of them. One of the most common signs of a blockage is a persistent earache. 


Others report a full feeling within the ear canal, while tinnitus can be another telltale symptom. Itching, discharge, and infection are also red flags that you’re dealing with a blockage.


What’s more, if your hearing deteriorates with no apparent cause, it’s worth ruling out a buildup of ear wax.

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Common Causes of Excess Ear Wax


Don’t assume that excess ear wax is down to a lack of personal hygiene. In fact, it could be your ear-cleaning habits that have caused the problem. 


Cotton buds are generally best avoided as these can damage the most sensitive parts of the inner ear and risk pushing wax deeper into the ear canal.


Are you a self-declared audiophile? When your ears come into contact with something else, the sebaceous glands can be triggered, resulting in excessive cerumen production.


Furthermore, wearing in-ear devices can dislodge this excess and push it deeper into the ear. 


Regular exposure to very loud noises is another culprit behind cerumen production, while the contaminants found in everyday pollution can also lead to those sebaceous glands going haywire.

Pricing and Appointments

Interested in booking treatment for ear wax removal in Manchester? Cleaning one ear costs £45, while ear wax removal for both ears costs £70. These prices also cover the costs of any follow-up appointment.


If our clinicians can’t find any evidence of ear wax that needs to be removed, you’ll only pay a consultation fee of £30.

Ready to say goodbye to ear wax and restore your hearing? Get in touch with the team at Didsbury Hearing today.


One Ear



Both Ears


Our Ear Wax Removal Process

If you’re looking for a safer and more comfortable alternative to ear syringing in Manchester, microsuction is the obvious choice. 


Less invasive than water flushing, microsuction is an altogether gentler procedure that will prove a welcome change to anyone who’s a regular sufferer of blocked ears.


As well as being non-invasive and completely painless, microsuction is one of the quickest methods of getting rid of ear wax build up.

Book a Consultation

To get started, simply book a consultation for ear wax removal in Manchester with Didsbury Hearing. This can be easily done via online booking portal below. Alternatively you can call us on 0161

8435144 to speak direct with a member of our team


At your appointment, one of the experts at our ear clinic in Manchester will inspect your ear for any sign of a blockage. They’ll then get to work using aural microsuction equipment to remove any problematic wax.

Final Inspection

Once that’s done, they'll perform a final examination to see how your ears are looking. The complete procedure shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes.

Need more convincing that ear microsuction in Manchester is right for you? Once your ear wax removal treatment is finished, your clinician may recommend a hearing health check. A reliable measure of ear health, this check is included in the price of your ear wax removal treatment.

Why Microsuction?


If the thought of ear syringing fills you with dread, it’s time to say goodbye to water flushing and hello to microsuction.


A safer and less invasive alternative to more traditional methods, microsuction is exactly what it sounds like.


A fully-trained clinician carries out the procedure, using a fine tube to apply suction to the inside of the ear, removing blockages as they go.


Because it’s so effective and generally considered the safest possible way to remove ear wax, there’s usually no need for any aftercare.

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Keeping Your Ears Healthy

After performing your ear wax removal treatment, our audiologists in Manchester will be happy to talk you through how you can keep your ears as healthy as possible. Are you suffering from hearing loss from another cause? 


We offer a range of hearing services to help you get to the bottom of your problem, including complete assessments to build a clear picture of what’s going on with your hearing.


Need help tackling hearing loss? We also offer a full range of hearing aids at prices to suit every budget.


Take your pick from a range of styles, with tailored technology ensuring you get the best hearing aids for your lifestyle. 


What’s more, free lifetime aftercare comes as standard with our hearing aids. Whether your devices require a little fine-tuning, regular servicing, or more significant adjustments, it’s all covered.

Why Choose Didsbury Hearing for Ear Cleaning in Manchester?

At Didsbury Hearing, we pride ourselves on our professional service and industry-leading aural technology. Our fully-trained team of hearing clinicians can perform ear wax removal treatments in as little as 15 minutes. Ideal if you’re looking for ear cleaning in Manchester, but are tight on time.

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