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Find The Perfect Hearing Aid For You

Image by Mark Paton
Receiver In Canal

Receiver in Canal hearing aids are the most common style. This type fits behind the ear in a discreet casing with a small dome sitting in the ear canal. 

Suitable for a wide range of hearing losses whilst providing natural sound quality.

Image by JD  Mason

In The Ear

Custom moulded to the shape of your ear. This style fills the bowl of your ear. Suitable for a range of hearing losses and often suited to those with dexterity issues or do not want anything behind their ears

Image by Mark Paton


Want invisible, now you can have it! One of the most discreet styles available these aids fit into your ear canal. Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss

Image by Mark Paton

Behind The Ear

A bigger size of hearing aid sitting behind your ear. Usually with an ear mould sitting in your ear. 

Suitable for profound hearing losses

Welcome to Phonak Virto

Welcome to Phonak Virto

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