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Hearing Tests & Hearing Loss

Your hearing is our concern. If you or someone you know is experiencing hearing issues we are here to help with a range of hearing test services. 

Clinics in Bramhall, Altrincham & Manchester

Hearing Loss Symptoms

  • Muffled or mumbled speech

  • Difficulty listening to the television

  • Difficulty hearing in background noise 

  • Difficulty hearing on the telephone

  • Finding it hard to keep up with a conversation

If you are experiencing any of the above hearing issues we recommend that you book a hearing assessment. An

up-to-date hearing test allows you to maintain the best hearing health possible.

We offer two different types of hearing tests. From an introductory hearing health which determines if a loss is present to a complete assessment of your hearing which shows a complete picture of your hearing and how well your ears respond to hearing loss correciton.

Keep your ears as healthy as possible and book an appointment with one of our clinical specialists today

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Our Hearing Test Options


Hearing Health Check

This is ideal for people who have never had a hearing test before. If you are unsure if you have a hearing loss or don't have any major hearing concerns, a hearing health check might be ideal for you.

Our Audiologist will conduct a thorough examination of your ear, check for any medical related issues and conduct a quick hearing test. Based on the results we will advise you on the best next steps. 


Complete Hearing Assessment

Our gold standard hearing test. This is a 1.5hr appointment. We take a full hearing history, complete audiogram testing and determine how well you can hear in background noise. 

We will also test how well your ears respond to amplification. Once all the testing is done our clinicians will work with you to develop the best treatment plan for you.


Hearing Correction Test

If a hearing loss is diagnosed our Audiologist will test the benefit of correcting your hearing. 

This involves testing a hearing instrument in your ears matched to your individual prescription. 

The Audiologist will work with you determine if there is a perceived benefit from hearing amplification.


Watch the video to discover the different types of hearing loss and how your hearing may be affecting your lifestyle

How do hearing aids help?

Deciding to wear hearing aids is a big decision for many. It may be something you have been thinking about for a while. We're here to help with any concerns you may have regarding your hearing and potentially wearing hearing aids. 

Hearing Health & Hearing Aids

Why don't more people wear hearing aids?

Modern hearing aid technology allows is to fit hearing aids that are super small and discreet. Advanced technology know allows us to offer hearing aids that are automatic, helpful in background noise and even connect to bluetooth devices.

Some people my still be reluctant to wear hearing aids, why?

Due to the gradual nature of age-related hearing loss most people don't realise that they are turning the television up louder and louder or that that person who may be "mumbling" is not actually doing so. 

Some people think hearing loss is a sign of getting old. However 1 in 6 in the UK have a hearing loss, and almost half of everyone over 50.

What are the first steps to better hearing?

Hearing is one of our most important senses. Therefore it is essential that we look after our hearing health. 

If you have concerns regarding your hearing we recommend to book in for a hearing health check with a hearing specialist as soon as possible.

A certified hearing professional will determine whether a hearing loss is present and whether your ears appear healthy. Depending on the results the clinical will guide you on the next best steps to maintaining your ear health.

Why do so many people have bad experiences with hearing aids?

No two ears and hearing losses are the same. Our hearing levels are specific to us, along with our lifestyles. That's we it is important that any hearing solutions are tailored to your individual lifestyle and needs. 

Aftercare is one of the most important aspects of getting along with a hearing aid. Correcting your hearing loss is not a one-stop solution. 

We make sure all of our patients are looked after under our hearing rehabilitation plan. This involves an in-depth fitting, weekly follow ups and expert fine tuning of your hearing aids. 

Once you are happy with your hearing aids you can take full advantage of our lifetime aftercare plan.

Happy Elderly Couple

Our Aftercare

Life Time Aftercare Included

Our Premium care plan looks after you for no matter how long you keep your hearing aids. Includes; unlimited fine-tuning, regular hearing tests and regular servicing of your hearing aids 

If you would like some more advice regarding Hearing Tests or Hearing please give us a ring on 0161 843 5144

  • What symptoms can you experience with blocked ears
    If your ears are blocked with ear wax you may notice the following symptoms; impaired hearing, ear pain, dizziness, ear itchiness, ear fullness, sudden hearing loss and even tinnitus. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important to book an appointment with an Audiologist who can review your symptoms and guide you further
  • How will you remove ear wax?
    Our clinicians remove ear wax via microsuction. Microsuction ear wax removal is considered the safest method of ear wax removal and should only be carried out by qualified individuals. The procedure involves a fine end tube which is used to suck any wax out of the ear canal. There is no water involved, and there is generally no aftercare needed once the wax is removed.
  • How much does ear wax removal cost?
    Our treatment prices are £45 for one ear. £70 for both and a £30 consultation fee if no wax is removed. There is no extra charge if you require any follow-up appointments.
  • Where are your ear wax removal clinics located
    We have clinics located in the Stockport, Cheshire & Manchester areas. Click HERE to find your nearest clinic.

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